My Favourite Freeware Tools page.

Welcome to my Favourite Freeware Tools.

I’m recommending the following freeware/Shareware tools for its accessibility with both Jaws 2022 and NVDA 2022 Screen Readers. The below list is in no particular order.

AZZCardfile PIM Database. V5.02 (Shareware)
This database is one of my best utilities on my all computers and also carry it on my pendrive because it can be used as a portable application. This database helps me to build my own telephone directory and also keep and organise my project notes. It is very easy to use and the latest official version V5.02 is just released.
Download link:

Thunderbird Email Client (Freeware)
Thunderbird email is a very versatile and efficient emailclient it can integrate easily with most of the modern email providers such as Google Mail, and others. The first time it needs lot of configuration settings to work well with the screen readers but from there on it works wonderfully.
Download url: goto www.ninite.comand select thunderbird

Inclusion Code. version 2.5.1 (Freeware)
Inclusion code is a very basic simple to use html editor that helps you to build simple html pages.
Download Url:

Braille Blaster and Braille Translator 2.0.42 (Freeware)
Braille Blaster can be used as a regular editor to write your own documents but at the same time if you own a Braille embosser you can print your own work in Braille.
Download page:

Balabolka Editor and E-book Reader. Freeware) (version 2.15.
Balabolka is another nice editor with some particular features such it can be used as an ebook reader to read Epub and Mobi ebooks formats and it also can generate audio books using the windows’ built in sapi engines.