Beyond Light – Visual & Non-Visual Network Continually Evolve Itself With Ongoing Projects, Programmes And Research And Is Moving At A Fast Pace Gathering Reputation And Support.

Wellbeing, Arts, Photography, Non-Allergic Plants & IT Workshops Are Held Regularly And Will Continue To Form Part Of Our Ongoing Joint Objectives.

Our Roadmap For The Future Is To Better The Lifestyles Of All Citizens On This Earth And Have Embarked On A Plan Of Purifying The Air We Breathe And The Interaction Between Non-Visual Persons And Animals. In Future, We Hope To Introduce:

Beyond Light School For The Blind

Beyond Light Be My Eyes Mobile App ~ In Collaboration With Fortress Alliance Group

Beyond Light Outreach Worldwide Project

Beyond Light Guide Dogs

Beyond Light Water Biking

Beyond Light Underwater Diving Experiences For The Blind

Join Us – The Sky Is The Limit.